Saganaki: Pan-fried Viahotyni cheese — $13

Crab Cakes: Served with broccoli slaw and lemon remoulade — $16

Vegetable Crisps: Prepared with a smoked aioli yogurt — $10

Charred Octopus: Served with a red wine dressing with roasted peppers and capers — $22

Steak Tartare: 21-day aged prime sirloin, served with a dijon mustard and scallion oil with Szechuan peppers and quail egg yolk — $16

Lamb Cigar: Wrapped in fillo dough served with a peppered yogurt sauce — $12

Fried Calamari: Classically served with a light tomato basil sauce — $15

Baked Clams: Chopped and seasoned clams in a large half clam shell and baked to perfection — $15

Assorted Greek Spreads: tzatziki, taramosalata, tirokafteri, melitzanosalata — $15

Thick Cut Bacon: Triple-Thick Butcher Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon — $6

Steamed Clams: Fresh steamed clams served in a garlic broth and butter — $15

Seafood Cerviche: Marinated corvina fish, shrimp, octopus, calamari with red onions, seasoned with lime juice, garnished with cilantro — $15

Shishito peppers & sausages: Italian sausage smothered in blistered Shishito peppers, carmelized onions, seasoned with lime juice, finished in a sherry sauce — $15




+ Filet Tips

+ Lamb Cigar

+ BBQ Ribs

+ Hanger Steak

+ Veal Meatballs

+ Double Smoked Bacon

+ Shishito Peppers and Sausage


+ Grilled Shrimp

+ Fried Calamari

+ Mini Crab Cake

+ Baked Clams

+ Seared Scallops

+ White Wine Clams

+ Grilled Oysters

+ Crab Cocktail


+ Vegetable Crisps

+ Smoked Hummus

+ Cheese Olives

+ Asparagus Baked Parmesan

+ Balsamic Figs & Feta

+ Broccoli with Blue Cheese

+ Goat Cheese Fritter

+ Crispy Cauliflower


Horiatiki: Classic Greek Salad in a red wine vinaigrette — $14

Iceberg Wedge: Served with beefsteak tomato and bacon chips with a choice of dressings, Ranch or Maytag Blue cheese — $14

Prasini: Crispy Romaine lettuce with dill, scallions and topped with feta cheese and calamari olives — $12

Caesar: Our classic with crispy romaine hearts served with a creamy parmesan dressing — $12

Baby Arugula: Salad with roasted figs and crisped shallots topped with smoked Feta cheese and served with a balsamic peppered vinaigrette — $12

Seafood Bar


East Coast Oysters: 1/2 dozen or one dozen — $17 I $34

Littleneck Clams: 1/2 dozen or one dozen — $9 I $18

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail: Served with classic cocktail sauce — $23

Lump Crab Cocktail: Served with avocado with Old Bay seasoning and aioli — $21

Shellfish Tower: $70

Our shellfish tower contains the following:

+ One dozen clams

+ One dozen oysters

+ Six jumbo shrimp

Shellfish Tower: $128

Our shellfish tower contains the following:

+ One dozen clams

+ One dozen oysters

+ Six jumbo shrimp

+ Lump Crab Cocktail

+ Seafood cerviche

+ One pound poached lobster

Homemade Pasta

Rigatoni in a Vodka Sauce$8

Bacon Baked Mac n' Cheese$8

Prime Cuts


All of our prime cut meats are carefully aged in our temperature controlled aging room where they go under a natural process to achieve peak flavor and supreme tenderness and finished simply, with butter, sea salt and oregano

Christos Signature Porterhouse: 8 ounces or 63 ounces. — $105 for 2 I $150 for 3

Filet Mignon: 10 ounces or 14 ounces. — $52 I $58

Ribeye Steak, Cowboy Cut: 24 ounces — $65

NY Shell Steak, Bone-in: 18 ounces — $49

The Prime Wedge for two or more: Cut from the sirloin and aged 21-days— $29 per person

Our Prime Wedge is served with a choice of the following sauces and toppings:

+ Triple peppercorn au poivre — $6

+ Blue cheese dijon truffle sauce – crumbled blue cheese and chives — $8

+ Barrel-aged bourbon sauce and applewood smoked bacon — $12

+ One pound lobster in a creamed horseradish sauce — MP

+ Blue crab gratin in a black pepper hollandaise sauce — $16

+ Steak Sauces: (choose one) Bearnaise I Christos Steak Sauce I Shallot Bordelaise

Surf and Turf for 2: A 10-ounce filet mignon, and a two-pound lobster (steamed or broiled). Served with two salads and a selection of two side dishes — $124


Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Scampi: Fresh scampi sauce with a light tomato base and a choice of fresh vegetables — $31

Charbroiled Wild Salmon: Served in a white wine reduction with a choice of fresh vegetables — $28

Whole Bronzini: Roasted on the bone with a choice of fresh vegetables — $38

Pan-Seared Diver Scallops: With tricolor cauliflower served with a balsamic browned butter glaze — $35

Colorado Farm-Raised Rack of Lamb: 3 pieces, served Mediterranean style — $39

Grilled Pork Chops, Center-cut: Served in a reduction of lemon and butter oreganato — $27

Half Portion of Farm-Raised Organic Chicken: Grilled in a lemon thyme sauce — $23

Prime Cut Hanger Steak: Served with a roasted garlic and herb marinade glaze — $28

Bistro Flap Steak: Served with a smoked and carmelized shallots in a red wine reduction — $32

Black Label Hamburger: Served with locally-sourced cheddar cheese, sauteed in shallot butter and served on a pretzel bun with a side of hand cut french fries — $21

Side Dishes

Yukon Gold Potato Hash: Caramelized onions — $8

Twice-Baked, Fully Loaded Potatoes: Bacon, sour cream, aged-cheddar, crisped parsley — $8

Yukon Gold Potato Hash: Caramelized onions — $8

Twice-Baked, Fully Loaded Potatoes: Bacon, sour cream, aged-cheddar, crisped parsley — $8

Braised Lemon Potatoes$8

Mashed Potatoes: Our creamy classic I Bacon and blue cheese I Roasted garlic — $8

Fried Potatoes: Classic fried with malden sea salt I Greek style, served with feta cheese I Sweet potato fries I Truffle fries I Parmesan cheese fries with chives — $8

Wild Mushrooms: Sautéed in butter — $9

Creamed Spinach$9

String Beans: Served with toasted hazelnuts $9

Sauteed Spinach: Served in a creamy parmesan sauce — $9

Jumbo Asparagus Basil$9

Charred Broccoli: Served with a roasted garlic sauce — $9

Grilled Broccoli Rabe: Shaved parmesan cheese — $11

Tri-Colored Cauliflower: Herbed brown butter sauce — $9