Butcher Shop

Available cuts and sizes

Fillet Mignon 10 oz, 14oz
Lean & most tender cut of beef
Porterhouse 48 oz
Meat from two if the most priced cuts of beef, Strip and Filet Mignon
T-Bone 24 oz
Smaller version of our signature porterhouse with less Filet Mignon
Rib Steak
Cut from the rib Section juciest, flavourful & tender

Cooking Methods

Fast Dry Cooking such as grilling or broiling.

Your meat will be wrapped in butcher paper for immediate consumption.

A section of salads, appertizers and dressings are available for your next party.

Spreads:Eggplant Spread, Taramasalata, Tzatziki Tomato Salad, Prasini, Our Mixed Green Salad, Organic Boston Lettuce

Grilled Asparagus, Cream Spinach